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New test for distracted driving: Textalyzers

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Lawmakers in a handful of cities and states are considering allowing police to use devices called textalyzers to test for suspected cell phone use at the scene of car accidents. The post New test for distracted driving: Textalyzers appeared first on The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog.
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Artwork on wheels: Insuring your collector auto

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You’re an automotive enthusiast, a connoisseur of fine machines; only the best will do. Each car you own – whether it’s an exotic supercar, an antique muscle car or a limited production modern collector vehicle – is mechanically and visually perfect down to the minutest cosmetic detail. These are not just cars to you; they are rolling pieces of fine art where form and function meet in perfect harmony. So when it comes to insurance, why not consider insuring their property damage coverage on a personal articles policy? The post Artwork on wheels: Insuring your collector auto appeared first on…
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